4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Scale

4 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle Scale

September 16, 2019

Vehicle scales are a massive investment. The price depends on many factors, such as whether you purchase truck or truck weight scales, but they can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. Given the price of these tools, it is in your best interest to keep them in good repair and operational for as long as possible. These four strategies can help you accomplish that goal.

1. Keep Your Scale Clean

Truck scales can quickly become dirty. Oil, mud, and other debris make cleanliness a critical area to keep an eye on. In winter, ice and snow pose an additional hazard. No matter the season, Manufacturing.net recommends checking your scale weekly to make sure debris is not impacting its ability to function. 

To blast away debris, consider investing in a power washer. By helping you keep your vehicle scale clean and functioning, a power washer can pay for itself over and over.

2. Control the Traffic

Traffic control is essential, especially when it comes to truck weight scales. Trucks that speed in and out too quickly can decrease the lifespan of your scale. 

Additionally, it is vital that trucks come to gentle rather than hard stops, as the latter can also cause damage to scales. 

Most importantly, speed controls will help keep the people working in your facility safe. To determine the proper speed for traffic, consult your scale supplier.

3. Inspections and Preventative Maintenance

A schedule for inspections and preventative maintenance is another piece of useful information that your scale supplier can provide. Periodic inspections by a technician can let you know whether your scale is performing correctly and accurately as well as highlight any potential problems with the scale. 

Meanwhile, regular preventative maintenance can help your scale avoid downtime by fixing small problems before they turn into big ones. Additionally, if your scale has a warranty, preventative maintenance may be a condition of keeping that warranty active.

4. Upgrade Your Load-Cell System

If your scale has an older, analog load-cell system, it may be necessary to upgrade, especially if it experiences continued reliability problems. Sometimes, load-cell systems begin to malfunction even if maintenance is otherwise excellent. 

This malfunctioning issue can be an opportunity to extend your scale’s lifespan by replacing your old load-cell system with a new, digital system. Also, consider opting for a waterproof load-cell system when performing this upgrade: A waterproof system is much easier to clean, making maintenance that much more straightforward.


The four strategies listed in this article are relatively simple ways to get the most out of your vehicle scale. 

Put together, they provide an incredible return on investment by keeping your scale—and therefore, your business—up and running at maximum capacity. These tactics also protect your investment and maximize the time before you’ll need to buy another scale.


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