Why You Need Professional Scale Repair

Why You Need Professional Scale Repair

September 16, 2019

Most of the time, when electronic devices break down for people, their first thought is to purchase a replacement. That’s because we live in a disposable society which typically favors new items over repairing the existing devices. 

When it comes to precision scales, it very often happens that the better option is to repair the scale rather than replace it. Of course, the very best approach is to have your precision equipment inspected and serviced on a regular schedule so that you can identify and manage any lurking issues before they develop into more severe problems.

Laboratory scales can become damaged for several different reasons, including exposure to electromagnetism, water or moisture, careless usage, and sometimes even overloading them. Any kind of damage can be significant because scales are sensitive instruments which require precise calibration for them to function accurately and adequately. 

When faced with the prospect of a damaged scale, here are the 3 main reasons that professional scale repair can be much more beneficial than purchasing a new scale outright. 

Less expensive

Probably the biggest benefit of having a professional repair your laboratory scale is the savings you will realize over purchasing a new one. Chances are, the problem with your scale is a relatively minor one, which you can repair by replacing an individual part or two. 

Replacing parts will be far less expensive than purchasing a brand-new unit. If you make a point of regularly servicing your laboratory scales, you’ll probably have far fewer occasions when any kind of repairs are necessary in the first place.


No matter how quickly you can bring in a brand-new laboratory scale, there is no way that it will be in place as soon as a professionally-repaired unit would be. For any operation which requires daily usage of your precision scale equipment, downtime is anathema, and you will need your equipment on the premises to be functional for as much time as possible.

In many cases, a professional scale repair specialist can even visit your premises and do the repairs on-site, which will always result in less downtime.



Whenever you purchase a brand-new laboratory scale, there are bound to be some significant differences between it and what you were formerly using. These differences can have a grave impact on how your employees use the scale, and it can negate their proficiency very quickly. 

On the other hand, if you repair the existing laboratory scale that you use, your employees will be very familiar with its operation, and will not lose any time to a training curve which might be necessary on a new scale.

Familiarity counts for a lot when conducting weighing operations where precision is at a premium, and if you can avoid any loss of familiarity with the equipment, you’ll be much better off. It happens very often when you purchase a new laboratory-scale that you will have to retrain employees and spend extra time consulting instruction videos or manuals about the operation of your new scale. 

You can avoid all these issues by repairing your existing scales, with no interruption to standard workflow around your workplace.

Professional repair and calibration

Whenever you need professional calibration or repair for your sensitive laboratory scales, the most trusted source you can turn to would be IWCS Scale of El Paso, Texas. 

We can also provide the equipment on a rental or sales basis if you need any specialized weighing equipment. Call us today with any inquiries you may have, or if you need a quote for service.

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