Why Your Farm Needs a Livestock Scale

Why Your Farm Needs a Livestock Scale

April 9, 2020

There’s lots of equipment needed to run or manage a farm with livestock successfully. However, there’s one piece of equipment that is important for farms that you might overlook. If you run a farm with animals, having a livestock scale handy can make a difference between keeping things running smoothly and struggling to keep up.

What is a livestock scale?

A livestock scale is a large scale designed specifically to weigh farm animals such as goats, sheep, cattle, and more. Since they are intended to weigh large animals and items such as bags of grain, these kinds of scales are designed to be easy to use and accurate for bulky items, even in the tons. Though many think that these scales are only necessary if you need to weigh cattle for selling, any farm can benefit from a scale that can provide accurate measurements for large animals, grain, and other heavy farm items.

The benefits of using a livestock scale

There are many benefits to investing in an animal scale for your farm. Some of these benefits include:

  • Instant access to the scale whenever it is needed without waiting for someone else’s scale to be available for your use
  • No need to transport animals items to weigh them, which can not only delay weighing but can be complicated and frustrating for you and the livestock
  • Use for providing for animals’ needs, including appropriate nutrition, medication dosages, and other care aspects
  • Ability to maintain accurate information about farm animals more efficiently, which is beneficial for record keeping

Anytime you care for cattle or other animals, you need to know their weight so you can provide the proper care. A cattle scale can help you with that care.

Things to consider when purchasing a livestock scale

As with any piece of equipment, not all scales are equal. There is a wide range of scales available with different purposes, features, and sizes. It can be overwhelming to determine the best type of scale for your needs. If you are considering purchasing a scale for your farm, there are certain things you should take into consideration.

Size matters

Bigger is not always better. When selecting a size for your scale, think about the largest size you will need (capacity and platform size) and choose the smallest available model that meets those needs.

Accuracy matters

The accuracy level depends on what you will use it for. For example, if you are weighing your herd for general care, your scale may not need to be as accurate as if you measure cattle for sale. Think about how you will use your scale to help you determine how accurate it needs to be.

Readout matters

Different scales have different readouts. They use different units and provide different types of information. Think about what information you need, and in what format, when looking for an appropriate livestock scale.

You may not think you need a livestock scale, but if you have livestock on your farm, a scale that weighs your animals can keep things running smoothly.

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