Ways a Dirty Truck Scale Can Cost You Money

Ways a Dirty Truck Scale Can Cost You Money

March 24, 2021

Has your truck scale seen cleaner days in El Paso, TX? Your dirty truck scale may actually be cutting into your profits. Maintaining your scales involves cleaning them periodically. Otherwise, you’re more likely to suffer downtime, inaccurate measurements and more. Keeping your scales clean is the best way to ensure that you get the best performance possible.

Here are some of the ways a dirty truck scale can cost you money.

Environmental wear and tear

When it starts raining, your scale is much more likely to accumulate dirt, debris and grime. Water can intrude into the scale and freeze if the temperature drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. The frozen components in the scale make it difficult (or impossible) for the scale to function properly. Be sure to clean the scale after every storm, and make sure water hasn’t gotten into the load cells. Otherwise, the water damage could require expensive repairs or replacement.

Inaccurate measurements

Your company depends on having accurate weight measurements. Not only do you want to avoid shorting your customer, but inaccurate scale measurements can lead to trouble with the U.S. Department of Transportation. Don’t risk getting fined or destroying your carefully cultivated customer relationships—keep your scale as clean as possible.

You should also make sure to have your scales cleaned periodically, not only the top but the under side too. Just an inch of compacted debris, sand or soil can lead to thousands of loss revenue from short weighs. 

You should also make sure to calibrate your scales periodically, especially if you have reason to believe they may be off. Cleaning, calibrating & routine maintenance, are the best ways to prevent inaccurate weight readings.

Deteriorating steel

Scales are out in the elements, which means they can be affected by dirt, water intrusion and debris. When a truck drives over a dirty scale, the dirt and debris create more wear than normal. That abnormal wear shortens the scale’s overall lifespan and can also contribute to inaccurate weight measurements.

If you clean your scale regularly, you’ll cut down on the dirt and debris that causes friction. You’ll also avoid paying to replace your scale & scale components more frequently.

Develops rust or corrosion

When the weather is damp, that moisture can affect your scale in two ways. First, water intrusion can affect the electronic components, which affects scale accuracy and ability to weigh. Second, the moisture can lead to rust or corrosion developing on the plates, cells, terminals and more. If you have to keep removing and replacing rusty or corroded parts, you’ll spend far more money than you would if you had just kept the scale clean all along. It will also save you money in inaccurate measurements.

Keeping your scale clean is key to its longevity

Truck scales are expensive, so of course you will want to keep yours going if as long as possible to help maximize your ROI. Regular cleaning and preventative maintenance are important to this goal. Set a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule, and be sure to wash your scales down every time it rains in the area. A few extra minutes per month is all you need to ensure a functioning scale.

For truck scale service and repair in El Paso, TX, get in touch with the knowledgeable team at IWCS Scale today.

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