Do You Have a Service Contract for Your Industrial Weighing Equipment? If Not, Here Are the Top Reasons to Get One ASAP!

Do You Have a Service Contract for Your Industrial Weighing Equipment? If Not, Here Are the Top Reasons to Get One ASAP!

April 7, 2021

No matter what kind of business you run, if you use industrial scales, you need to protect your investment by ensuring you have a service contract in place. Outsourcing your service and repair is a great way to save time and catch any problems before they develop into big issues. Getting a service contract for your industrial scales in El Paso, TX & Las Cruces, NM is a smart way to extend your scales’ longevity and ensure appropriate function within industry standards i.e. NMDA & TDA requirements.

Here are the benefits of getting an industrial weighing equipment service contract:

  • Keep your scales accurate and compliant: No matter what your business is, when you use industrial weighing equipment, it needs to be accurate. Not only does this keep money in your pocket—you don’t want to give your product away thanks to an inaccurate scale—but it also ensures that you’re compliant with local, state and federal regulations. Working with a service company is the best way to get this done without cutting into your or your employees’ work time.
  • Extend your equipment’s lifespan: Like any piece of machinery, industrial scales need to be maintained and serviced on a regular basis by people who understand the equipment and know how to care for it. The better you take care of your scale, the more likely it will last even longer. This saves a lot of money on replacements and repairs down the line.
  • Get service customized to your business’s needs: When you have an industrial weighing equipment service contract, the contractors will tailor their service to your business’s individual needs. Developing that relationship ensures that when they show up to work with your scales and weighing equipment, they’ll know exactly what needs to be done and how you prefer it. You can arrange service schedules so they don’t cut into work time.
  • Have emergency scale service a phone call away: Sooner or later, your scale will eventually break down—even with preventative maintenance and service. When that happens, a service contract is invaluable. You’ll know exactly who to call, and they’ll be familiar with your business and equipment already. Next, with a service contract in place, there is a better possibility of having the right spare part in stock or a loaner to keep you operational. It’s the best way to ensure any downtime is kept to a minimum.
  • Get expert advice about upgrades and replacements: Finally, establishing a relationship with a service contractor allows you to get expert advice about upgrades and replacements. When your scale reaches the end of its lifespan, should you get another of the same or do you want to try something new? Your service contractor will be able to guide you through the replacement or upgrade process, using their years of knowledge expertise and relationship they have developed servicing your weighing needs. They may be able to show you a better way to weigh!

Whatever the reason you choose to get an industrial weighing equipment service contract in place in El Paso, TX & Las Cruces, NM you’ll be able to reap these benefits. Take another item off your to-do list when you work with a reputable scale company.

IWCS Scale offers scale service and repairs, including service contracts. Call us today to discuss your needs and our contract options. We look forward to partnering with you!

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