Important Things to Consider Before Having a Truck Scale Installed

Important Things to Consider Before Having a Truck Scale Installed

June 4, 2021

If you’re getting ready to purchase and install a truck scale, it’s crucial that you do your research ahead of time. Truck scales are a necessary and major investment, so understanding exactly what you need—and what is best for the scale to function—is important to making the right choice. Be sure to read up on as many scales as possible, and talk to your favorite instrument calibration company in South Texas for practical advice.

Here’s what to take into account before selecting and installing your new truck scale:

  • Building permits: Before you get started, you’ll need to check with the city or county planning departments in your area. Depending on the type of scale you choose, you may or may not need a building permit to install it. Inquire about their in-ground or above-ground regulations, so you have a good idea of what’s required before it’s time to purchase and install the new scale.
  • Site surveys: You’ll need a site survey before you settle on a final location. Your truck scale has to have a solid foundation, but depending on where your water, gas, sewer and electrical lines are placed, this could create some construction challenges. Conducting a site survey will ensure that you choose the most convenient and safe location for your new truck scale.
  • Location, location, location: Once you have the first two items squared away, you can start considering the location. As you know, location is everything—you’ll need to pick a place on your property that allows for the right approach. If your chosen location isn’t level before installation, you’ll probably need to remedy that before going further.
  • Length and width: Your truck scale needs to be able to accommodate each vehicle’s wheelbase. Make sure you choose a scale that can handle the longest and widest vehicles you own—and if you think you might make modifications to your fleet later, take that into account.
  • Room to maneuver: When choosing the location, make sure it’s accessible by your longest truck’s moving circle. You’ll want to make sure every vehicle can easily drive onto the scale before heading out.
  • Automation: If you want an automated truck scale, factor that into your cost and installation analysis. Talk to a scale installation and instrument calibration company in South Texas for more information.
  • Safety considerations: You’ll need to clearly mark your scale as well as other vehicle and pedestrian paths. Make sure these safety features are clearly visible from all of your vehicles.
  • Maintenance programs: Finally, be sure to sign up for a scale maintenance and calibration program. This will allow you to save plenty of time and effort throughout the years—your calibration company will do the work for you.

When you’re ready to rent or lease a scale, or want to learn more about instrument calibration companies in South Texas, get in touch with Texas Measurement & Calibration Solutions, LLC. We’ll help you keep your scales in perfect shape all year long to ensure they’re doing an accurate job for your business.

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