El Paso Metrology Calibration

When it comes to metrology calibration IWCS Scale sets the standard for accuracy, reliability and repeatability. We bring El Paso, TX customers meter calibration that’s backed by NIST traceable certification, with experience that spans a full range of instrument calibration. Rest assured your equipment will be calibrated to the tightest tolerances across a wide variety of parameters.

No matter what type of metrology equipment you have, who manufactured it or how old it is, rest assured in the accuracy and completeness of our calibration capabilities. Following are some of the specific parameters we test against and our modes of calibration.

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  • Pressure meters

    We test equipment from vacuum to 10,000 PSI. We can calibrate equipment from all leading industry names, including Perma-Cal, Ashcroft and Wika. We’re the local authority on calibration of pressure gauges and pressure release valves.

  • Temperature

    Our calibration capabilities range from -13°F to 750°F, simulated full range and measured full range. This allows us to check and adjust the calibration of thermometers, regardless of application, including for ovens and cold storage systems. Our expertise extends to glass thermometers, resistance temperature devices (RTDs), primary and secondary reference thermometers, thermocouples (TCs), ovens, environmental chambers and baths, non-contact infrared thermometers and more.

  • Chemical

    We test and calibrate systems involving pH, total dissolved solids (TDS), O2, dissolved oxygen (DO), salinity, sucrose and many more chemicals. Our team utilizes traceable calibration solutions that standardize various chemical meters and monitoring equipment. We work with brix and saline refractometers to perform oil testing and verify lower explosive limits (LELs), as well as environmental safety monitors.

  • Volume

    Our metrology calibrating capabilities extend to volumetric systems ranging from 1mL to 1250L/325gal. We bring accurate calibration to everything from pipettes and graduated cylinders, to large-scale volumetric systems. If it measures volume, we’ve got you covered.

  • Humidity

    We calibrate ranges from 0-95% humidity, from handheld humidity meters, to hygrometers, to thermo-humidigraphs and even environmental chambers. Rest assured you’re getting state-of-the-art calibration for the most accurate readouts and results from your humidity metrology equipment.

  • Physical Dimensional

    Need to benchmark your physical dimension measurement equipment? We offer meter calibration for calipers, micrometers, depth gauges, bore mics, height gauges and more. If it’s a dimensional measurement tool, let us calibrate it for you.

  • Electrical

    If it runs electrical current, we can calibrate it to the highest tolerances. We can meter AC and DC voltages, current, resistance and more. If you have a multimeter, panel meter or any other device that measures or sources an electrical signal, we’re here to meet your calibration needs.

  • Time and Frequency

    There’s no substitute for precision accuracy when it comes to time and frequency metering devices. We’re equipped to meter calibrate watches, counter and signal generators, stopwatches, chart recorders, RPM meters and more. Our NIST traceable calibration equipment ensures infallible accuracy in your most precise metrology equipment.

  • Acoustics

    IWCS Scale has the ability to calibrate acoustic equipment within a range of 20khz-1hz, to meet DOT, OSHA, FDA and other regulatory testing requirements. This includes the ability to calibrate, test, monitor and evaluate audiometers, sound level generators and sound level meters. We can also monitor and evaluate environments and sound booths to certify them or establish hearing protection requirements.

  • Medical Devices

    Medical devices require a high level of precision calibration. Count on us to provide metering and electrical safety audits for audiometers, temperature, O2 concentrators, blood pressure monitors, IV infusion pumps, centrifuges, patient monitors, EKG/ECG equipment and a wide assortment of scales, including patient, bariatric, lift, bed and chair scales. Have an item not on this list? Chances are, we can calibrate it!

  • Torque and Force

    Our capabilities range from 1 ft-lb. to 600 ft-lbs. We have an array of torque transducers and test weights available to meet any and all torque testing needs. We also have access to the latest load cell technology, and can currently calibrate force up to 400,000 lbs. From force machines to airplane scales and lift stands, we provide calibration and verification to comply with OSHA requirements.

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When it comes to metrology calibration in El Paso, TX, no one offers a wider range of capabilities than IWCS Scale. For the surety and peace of mind that comes with precision calibration against NIST traceable standards, contact our team today at (915) 301-9911.

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