El Paso Truck Scale Calibration

Calibration is the most important part of scale ownership. Routine, proper calibration by a qualified service provider is essential, regardless of the type of scale you own or operate. Even if you don’t think you need calibration, you likely do—elevation, distance from the equator and various other factors affect scales function.

If your equipment is due for scale calibration in El Paso or El Paso County, Texas, IWCS Scale can help. We have experience calibrating all types of scale equipment and we take the time to ensure the utmost accuracy and precision.

  • Testing

    Proper scale calibration is about more than just using calibration weights in El Paso, Texas and zeroing out the balance. There’s an extensive, extremely precise process for ensuring true calibration from a traceable standard. Every test we perform is tailored to the specific piece of equipment in question.


If, during our thorough testing with calibration weights, anything is inconsistent or doesn’t work properly, we adjust it. Part of the adjustment may require replacement or filing of the load cell. These processes require expert knowledge and experience to ensure calibration and adjustment without damaging the equipment.
We’ll also check for anything that may be blocking or jamming the scale. At the end of the calibration, the scale is sealed and labeled as complete, with a PDF certificate made available online to delineate the accuracy and traceable nature of the calibration.

Scale Calibration

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