El Paso Truck Scale Installation

Large, permanent and semi-permanent equipment requires careful installation by a knowledgeable expert. Whether you’re undertaking routine truck scale installation or need a fully-customized ticketing kiosk installation, IWCS Scale is the industry leader to call for scale installation in El Paso and El Paso County, Texas. We handle everything from simple, run-of-the-mill installations to custom, multifaceted weights and measurements solutions.

Truck Scales

Among our most common large-scale installation projects are truck scales in El Paso, Texas. We install and properly calibrate these scales for a variety of customers, including agricultural operations, weigh stations and more.

We build the foundation, pour cement and provide electrical load cell installation. We can also provide the standalone scale if necessary. Before installation, we consult with you on where the scale needs to be installed (interior or exterior), as well as any extras the installation may demand. This could include automated doors, gate controllers, cameras and intercom systems to provide communication.

Additional Installations

More than just truck scales, we can also do installations for remote kiosks that provide tickets when weighing is completed. We have key card access and RFID options available.

We handle installation from the ground up, tailoring every project around the needs of the owner. From excavation, to asphalt concrete, to buildings to house the scale officer or equipment, our capabilities are boundless. Best of all, regardless of the scope of the installation, we provide warranties on all of the products and workmanship you get from us.

Consult on an Installation

Contact IWCS Scale today at (915) 301-9911 to consult with us at length about your scale installation, rental, calibration, or repair project and the scope of work involved in completing it. We’ll assist you in complete project management, so you get the scale you need, installed to working perfection by our qualified team.

We’ll keep the specific goals and expectations of your project top-of-mind, to ensure quality and success.

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