El Paso Truck Scale Service and Repair

Scales and other pieces of metrology equipment need repair and maintenance to maintain their accuracy and proper function. Forgoing proper maintenance or overlooking truck scale repair in El Paso or throughout El Paso County, Texas leads to inaccurate weighments, which affects your entire operations. Think about the money lost if the measurement of your grain scale is off by even a little or the safety risks involved if your hydraulic scale isn’t working properly!

At IWCS Scale, we have the capabilities and expertise to service, repair and maintain nearly any scale. From improper function to defective parts and components, we take the time to make sure your scale is thoroughly vetted and repaired.
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Scale Repair
  • Convenient Service Scheduling

    Whether you suspect a problem or the time has come for routine service, IWCS Scale makes it easy for you to maintain your industrial or commercial scale in El Paso, Texas. We have an app that allows customers to submit work through their phone or desktop. The app also automatically generates a job to calibrate the scale when the time is due, taking the hassle out of trying to remember service intervals.

  • Parts On-Hand

    You don’t have time to wait for scale repairs—your operations need a functional scale now. That’s why we keep an extensive inventory of parts on-hand. As soon as we identify the necessary repairs, we turn to our fully-stocked inventory to choose the right parts and make the right repairs quickly.

  • Preventive Service

    At IWCS Scale, we’re big believers in proactive and preventive maintenance. During service and routine maintenance, we identify opportunities for the long-term functionality and efficacy of your scale. Our mission is always to find the underlying cause of problems and fix the root issue—not just manage symptoms.
    We work hard to maintain scales, regardless of their nature. Whether your scale has seals and grease points that need regular attention or complex electronics that require troubleshooting, we’ve got the skills and equipment to administer proper service. We can even overhaul old scales to keep them accurate and reliable!

Scale Repair

On-Site and In-Shop Repairs

Most times, we’re able to perform scale repair in El Paso, Texas on-site, saving you the hassle of disassembly, transport and reassembly. However, if necessary, we offer in-shop repairs and will handle the complete logistics of service, including safely transporting your scale and reinstalling it after.
If you have a scale that’s due for service, requires repair or needs an expert evaluation, let IWCS Scale assist you.

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